The Odysseus Arms Original Poster Series

Combining San Francisco’s graphic design history with its love for counterculture, we're getting back to our tactile graphic arts roots with a series of 50 original posters. Featuring a dizzying archipelago of original designs, hand lettering, ink wash and hypergraphics, the posters represent both in-house creativity and collaborations with top designers, typographers and street artists including The Designers Republic, Freak City, and Stranger & Stranger.


There are economically disadvantaged kids in Marin County, California who go to school hungry. That’s not okay with us. These kids get government lunch and for some that’s the last meal they’ll have all day. That’s not okay with us either. We know how hard it is to focus on schoolwork on an empty stomach—let alone thrive creatively, develop important skills, and just be a kid. So we’re doing what we can to help using the most powerful language we know—art. 

100% of the proceeds from the sales of these posters goes to fund a grant through Marin Charitable, a non-profit that provides grants to organizations that offer critical support, education and enrichment for kids in Marin County who have limited opportunities. 



To emphasize its agency tenets and reclaim the tactile graphic arts for ad land, Odysseus is building a collection of self-promo posters worth framing. 


The Odysseus Arms poster series further cements Odysseus Arms’s reputation as a place where great ideas come together to have sex.

Communication Arts

San Francisco has a great poster design history which was driven by music culture—Odysseus Arms is doing their bit to bring it back.

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